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Dana brockwayOver 35 Years of Real Estate Sales Experience
Dana brockwayOver 35 Years of Real Estate Sales Experienceand Affiliated with the #1 in total sales production top producing Coldwell Banker office in the world since 1997.

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Your property didn’t sell – now what?

Coming to terms with your property not selling can be a very challenging experience. Most of us love and cherish our property along with the countless memories we have created in that most precious place we have called “HOME” for years, and sometimes decades. Since “we love it” we naturally feel “everyone will love it” and when we find we don’t have dozens of buyers banging down the door and offering full price within a few weeks… Facing that reality is not just financially disappointing, but can feel extremely “hurtful” and very hard to comprehend, and then to top it off… Real estate agents are now telling you something different than they told you when they first promised your property would sell at this high price, and you trusted and listed with them. Having an experienced real estate agent with a large national, and globally connected real estate company will instantly increase your chances of selling your property in a massive way by increasing the amount of exposure your property receives and by having a truly qualified real estate agent step in to assist you in understanding “WHY” your property didn’t sell and “WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE” to correct the situation and lead to the SUCCESSFUL SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY. I have over 35 years of real estate experience right here in Los Angeles. My office is the #1 in total sales production top producing Coldwell Banker office in the world since 1997. My clients have stated to me in referrals letters they have sent me (CLICK HERE TO READ TESTIMONIAL LETTERS) that the experience I brought to the table for them, along with a globally connected real estate company, was one of the most important and valuable resources they had as they navigated through the sale of their property. ((CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT DANA)

Five reasons your property may not have sold:

  1. Many times the seller is told by agents “the price is too high.”

    Sometimes this is correct, and many times it is not. However, this is usually the number one reason agents will give you as to why your property did not sell, and the number one reason you should select an experienced real estate agent with a large real estate company. The fact of the matter is that EXPERIENCE ISN’T EXPENSIVE…. IT’S PRICELESS! In the over 35 years I have been selling real estate right here in Los Angeles, I have been successful in assisting homeowners sell their property. Sometimes in a matter of days, and sometimes at thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars above the asking price after less experienced real estate agents, often associated with smaller real estate companies, had failed. Please take a moment to read what some of my clients had to say (CLICK HERE TO READ TESTIMONIAL LETTERS) especially Edith’s, you will see price was not the problem. After having her property listed for sale for over 1 year with another broker, without even one written offer according to Edith, I was able to hand her a written offer in just 6 days and SOLD Edith’s property for more than $20,000 over her full asking price. (CLICK HERE TO READ EDITH’S TESTIMONIAL LETTER)

  2. Property Condition

    *Landscaping should be in good shape and trees and shrubs trimmed. *All Gutters should be clear. *Exterior and Interior Paint should look fresh with no peeling. *Windows should be clean inside and out. *The rooms should look uncluttered, so if you need to rent some storage space to accomplish this…. Do it. *Keep Closets neat and organized. *Make sure there are no pet odors. *There should be no tears or stains in the carpet.

  3. Lack of Exposure

    Although a Listing in the Multiple Listing Service should provide a good number of potential buyers it is often not enough. An experienced real estate agent will make sure your property is exposed to active real estate agents in your area by presenting your property to several different area offices as well as a network of agents and buyers both locally and internationally. They will also make sure your property is showcased in all the heavily trafficked real estate websites.

  4. Inadequate Pictures

    A picture is worth a thousand words so make sure the pictures representing your property show it off to its greatest appeal. The pictures alone will not sell your property, but great pictures of your property will get buyers in the door and that’s the first step.

  5. An inexperienced real estate agent and or a small company

    One of the most important decisions you may ever make is the correct selection of both the real estate agent and real estate company that will represent your interest during the marketing and negotiations of the sale of your property. A big mistake many sellers make is listing their property based solely on the agent being a friend or family member instead of searching out the most experienced real estate agent and company. Any relationship with a family member as the listing agent is required to be disclosed which may put you at a disadvantage when negotiations start. I have helped homeowners sell their property after a friend or family member had failed. (CLICK HERE TO READ Dick H.’s TESTIMONIAL LETTER)